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Shenzhen Rivan Hotel is situated at the scenic riverside of Longgang River, which is invested by Shenzhen Changyin Industrial Co. Ltd, a Shenzhen–Hong Kong joint venture. Rivan Hotel is a 18-storied international business hotel which offers the comprehensive services covering hotel rooms, catering, conference rooms, shopping, entertainment and leisure activities. The business has been started since 2006, the hotel has been rated by Guangdong Star-Rating Committee in 2007 as a green hotel, and all of business areas in the hotel have been refurbished to upgrade from 2012 to 2014, where you can experience one-stop “all-for-you” service well beyond your expectation.

Geographic location It is located at Xinsheng Road No.1, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, where Longgang Avenue and Longgang River meet, with hi-tech industry zones scattering around densely. Shenzhen Baolong Industry Zone and Shenzhen International Low Carbon City are very close to the hotel; it take 3 minutes to Longgang Shuanglong Station of Shenzhen Metro Line 3. by walk, and it only takes 50 minutes to Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport and North Shenzhen High Speed Railway Station by car. It is adjacent to to express highways, such as Shenzhen-Shantou Express Highway, Shuiguan Express Highway and Jihe Express Highway, Shenzhen Rivan Hotel offers the buses shuttling several times between Hong Kong international airport and the downtown on a daily basis, by which you can enjoy a carefree trip.

Elegant Guest Rooms 242 elegant rooms in different styles are available, with wide views, cozy environment and perfect facilities, offering you a pleasant, agreeable and private space in your trip. Personalized pillows, separate shower stalls or luxury bathtubs, intelligent closestool, private safe deposit boxes, and LED TVs provide you with a premium, stylish and extreme considerate experience of stay; the free WIFI and internet connection keep you connect to the outside of world no matter where you are in the hotel; the well-designed smoking free floor and the premium floor are highlighting with their luxury and coziness. What is more, our 24-hour considerate butler services make you feel at home.

Fulongshan Chinese Restaurant is located on the first and second floors of the hotel, it has a business area of 3000m2, where you can enjoy a new experience of authentic Cantonese food, Cantonese morning tea and evening tea in quiet and elegant surroundings.

Lisa Western Restaurant is located on the 18th floor (top floor) of the hotel, with a dining capacity of 200 persons, the elegant and romantic surroundings, which is the sole luxury sightseeing restaurant currently in the Longgang District, the restaurant can be directly accessed by taking the sightseeing elevator. You can enjoy the view through the featured design of 270 degree super-large landing glass windows, and enjoy the food in a leisurely and relaxed manner. It is not necessary for you to worry about the food because of 24-hour room service offered by the restaurant even if you are far away from your home.

Jingqiao Japanese Restaurant is located at the left side of the hall on the first floor of the hotel, the restaurant is set in a graceful and quiet surroundings with an unique Japanese-style decoration. The restaurant is specialized in the live and fresh food mainly, emphasize on the cutting and slicing process with the harmonious co-existence of color, fragrance, flavor and utensils. The pleasant taste is diversified to satisfy your demand for the authentic flavor, which is enjoyable not only to your taste, but also to your eyes, and it is, patronized by Japanese food lovers and people liking light flavor.

Lijing Tea House It is on the 17th floor of the hotel, where you can leisurely taste and sip tea or play cards with your friends, which is a good place for your business negotiation and your leisure time.

Lihao International Nightclub is located on the third-sixth floor, the club offers 50 luxury private rooms with fashionable design and top hi-fi where you can revel and feast as what you want.

Rivan Healthy Center is situated on the 7th floor, the center offers 24-hour leisure activity where you feel relaxed: dynamic gyms, life replenishing of royal prescription, foot massage, Yao bath, etc. take it easy for the leisure activity.

Multi-functional Conference Room is located on the 17th floor, the professional audio facilities for meeting, the hi-fi projection and the walls with resonation-resistance design can satisfy all your needs for all kinds of banqueting and meeting. Well trained personnel guarantee your event free of defects.

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